Staff directory

Lee Peoples, Senior Pastor

Pastor Lee PeoplesPastor Lee is the third Senior Pastor that has served at SBC.  He was born and raised in Raleigh, NC.  He earned a Bachelor of Arts in history from North Carolina State University and taught history, as well as being athletic director and a coach, at two Christian schools.  Pastor Lee attended Southeastern Seminary in Wake Forest, NC and graduated in 2007 ¬≠with a Master of Divinity with Evangelism.  He married Sandra Wood in 2003 and they have 2 sons.  Before coming to SBC Pastor Lee served as Senior Pastor at Harris Chapel Baptist Church and as Interim Pastor at Bailey Baptist Church.  He has enjoyed going on several mission trips both within and outside of the United States.

Deacon Directory

Barry and Marcie ConradBarry Conrad and his wife, Marcie


Matt and Amy FoleyMatt Foley and his wife, Amy


Kyle and Angie HardenbrookKyle Hardenbrook and his wife, Angie


Corey and Hope MessingerCorey Messinger and his wife, Hope


Wendell and Ann MulderWendell Mulder and his wife, Ann


Jack and Chelly RobertsJack Roberts and his wife, Chelly


Matt YinglingMatt Yingling