Kingdom Prayer Ministry

Praying with a Kingdom Focus

The Kingdom Prayer Ministry prays for issues that have a much broader focus, such as our pastors, revival, winning the lost, etc. Each 4 person team is given a topic to pray over for the month, with the topic changing monthly. The church is also given a topic to pray over.

“I AM ASKING 1 MILLION AMERICANS TO PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY ON OCTOBER 15, 2017.” Thus began a letter from the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation. I don’t know anything about this foundation but anyone asking for prayer for America has my support. Their letter goes on to read “on October 15th we are going to cover our nation in prayer for 24 straight hours – because things are getting out of control”.

During the Civil War when our nation was threatened with division President Abraham Lincoln quoted from Matthew 12:25b; a “house divided against itself shall not stand”. God led him to realize we NEEDED to be “one nation under God”. The cost to maintain “one nation” was extremely costly but we survived.

I want to encourage every member of our fellowship to remember on October 15th to set aside time to pray for our country. Items to be lifted up in prayer include the “bitter division between Americans of different races, nationalities and even simple political differences. Natural disasters like hurricanes Harvey and Irma: the threat of a nuclear attack from North Korea and just recently renewed threats of terrorist attacks.”

Let’s pray for remembrance of what unites us and for healing of what divides us!

Keep “Touching The Hem.”
Pastor Frank