Kingdom Prayer Ministry

Praying with a Kingdom Focus

The Kingdom Prayer Ministry prays for issues that have a much broader focus, such as our pastors, revival, winning the lost, etc. Each 4 person team is given a topic to pray over for the month, with the topic changing monthly. The church is also given a topic to pray over.

During the month of May we have several items we need to bring faithfully before the Lord. First, May 5th is the National Day of Prayer. We need to join with believers across our country in lifting up our nation before God. Sign your name to the Kingdom Prayer Ministry bulletin board indicating the solidarity we have in praying for our nation. We need to seek repentance and a right relationship with our creator. Pray for our leaders already in office and for the upcoming election. Determine who God would have you to vote for while following Biblical principles.

May is also the month we recognize Mothers for their influence on the course of America. Without the influence of Christian mothers (and fathers) our country would have failed to become the great nation it achieved. However, as we see the decline of morality, the breakdown of the home, and the disregard for the Word of God, we need the guidance of Christian mothers to once again come to the forefront. May God bless our mothers.

Thank you for praying.

Keep “Touching The Hem.”
Pastor Frank