Kingdom Prayer Ministry

Praying with a Kingdom Focus

The Kingdom Prayer Ministry prays for issues that have a much broader focus, such as our pastors, revival, winning the lost, etc. Each 4 person team is given a topic to pray over for the month, with the topic changing monthly. The church is also given a topic to pray over.

During the month of February I will ask you to pray for our Senior Pastor Search Committee. During his last update on the status of this committee, Deacon Wendell Mulder asked (even begged) for your prayer support. It is imperative that we seek the leadership of the Holy Spirit so that we remain in the center of God’s will for Stewartstown Baptist Church.

In his book “Seeking God to Seek a Pastor” Gregory Frizzell wrote, “When churches truly learn to “seek God to seek a pastor,” they can find the right pastor and spiritual renewal in the process. With God, it is not about “just finding the right pastor.” It is also about becoming the “right church” through deeper prayer and renewal. Whether churches are large or small, healthy or in turmoil, they can experience Christ’s presence in the interim.”

With your prayerful intercession I believe we can find the man who is the “right man for this church” for this time and hopefully for many years to come.

Thank you for praying.

Keep “Touching The Hem.”
Pastor Frank