Kingdom Prayer Ministry

Praying with a Kingdom Focus

The Kingdom Prayer Ministry prays for issues that have a much broader focus, such as our pastors, revival, winning the lost, etc. Each 4 person team is given a topic to pray over for the month, with the topic changing monthly. The church is also given a topic to pray over.

During the month of September we will be focusing our prayer ministry on a safe trip for Pastor Lee and Sandra as they travel to China. They will be travelling there to pick up their adopted son, Joel. Not only is there a flight to be endured, they are entering a land that is anti-Christian.

We need to remember that we are engaged in a spiritual warfare and they are entering a land that has great opposition to Christians. Our pastor and his wife need to be surrounded by prayer and the protection of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for being spiritual warriors and being ready for intercession on their behalf.

Keep “Touching The Hem.”
Pastor Frank