Kingdom Prayer Ministry

Praying with a Kingdom Focus

The Kingdom Prayer Ministry prays for issues that have a much broader focus, such as our pastors, revival, winning the lost, etc. Each 4 person team is given a topic to pray over for the month, with the topic changing monthly. The church is also given a topic to pray over.

During the month of June we need to focus on two of our largest outreach programs: summer Sports Camp and Vacation Bible School. Sports camp is held in June and a large number of children outside our church attend. We have a great opportunity to impact families with the Good News of Jesus. I ask you not only to pray for the Sports Camp but also if you are available, to volunteer to help during the camp. If you would like to help, contact Mike and Danielle Besecker to see where they could use you.

Our Vacation Bible School is held in July but it is not too soon to begin praying for this important outreach ministry also. During my almost sixty years of working in ministry, I have known a great many children who began their walk of faith in Jesus during VBS. Again, if you are able to help, contact Wanda Hubbard or Lauree Baldwin.  

If you are not personally able or available to help in these outreach ministries, you can help us by upholding in prayer each of the leaders and workers. Pray for the children who will attend, the workers who will lead, and for all of us to be obedient to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Keep “Touching The Hem.”
Pastor Frank