The SBC experience

We have our worship service every Sunday morning at 10:15 a.m. If you’ve never visited Stewartstown Baptist Church, you may well be a bit uncertain what to expect. We understand what that’s likĀ­e and want to put you at ease.

What to wear

To begin with, the most common attire at our services could be described as business casual, but there are quite a few people either in suits or in jeans as well.

Getting to your seat

When you pull into our drive just off Route 851 you’ll enter our main parking lot. There are spaces for handicapped persons close to the building, and additional parking can be found by circling around to the back of the church.

If you park in front, enter the church through the doors beneath the steeple. This will bring you directly into our main vestibule. There is a coat rack on the right as you enter, and the sanctuary and restrooms are both to the left. There will be greeters in the vestibule area outside of the sanctuary who will provide you with a bulletin and can answer any questions that you have. The glass doors to the left lead into the sanctuary where you can select a place you wish to sit.

If you park in the rear lot there is a door just off of the parking lot. Follow the hallway through its many turns (left, then right, then left) then continue until you reach the main vestibule area.

What the services are like

Our services feature worship music, prayer, and preaching. They last a little over an hour. We use a variety of music, including hymns and contemporary worship songs blended together to focus our attention on worshipping our God. Any or all of piano, guitars, and drums accompany the singing, and on occasion we even sing without any instruments.

An offering is taken, but we do not expect our visitors to contribute anything. Instead we ask that you place a visitor card in the plate so that we have a record of your visit.

The message takes about half of the allotted time. It is generally an explanation of a particular Bible text, but on occasion may be focused on particular subject matter instead. In all cases it is based on Biblical truth.

At the conclusion of the service there is an invitation for anyone who would like to come forward for prayer, rededication, salvation, or to become a member of SBC. This is an open invitation, and we do not pressure anyone - we leave that to the Holy Spirit.

During the time between the two services there is time for informal chats and fellowship. We hope that during this time we will get to know you better.

Enjoy your visit to SBC!