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Counter Culture

Have you ever noticed that the things in the world seem to be changing faster than you are able to keep up? Society is changing. Culture is changing. If only there existed a solid place to establish a firm foundation. Well my friends, take heart. The world might be changing but God never does. Times change but God’s word never does. The kingdom of God is established and sustained by him. Members of God’s kingdom have nothing to fear from the world around them.

On February 4th, we begin a new sermon series entitled, “Counter Culture”. This will be a study of the first sermon preached by Jesus, his Sermon on the Mount. Matthew 4:17 captures the basis of Jesus message; “Repent, because the kingdom of heaven has come near.” Jesus had just announced the arrival of God’s kingdom on earth. In his Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7, Jesus shares the characteristics of those who are members of this kingdom. His kingdom message was in stark contrast with the culture of his day. The Sermon on the Mount is most assuredly in contrast with our culture today. It is counter cultural.

I hope that you will join me for this relevant and timely teaching on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount as we see how the members of God’s kingdom live counter to the culture.