Welcome to Crossroads Student Ministry

Our leaders are dedicated to training and equipping students with the tools needed to live a sold-out life for Christ. The goal of our student ministry is to work alongside parents to teach their child to be a true disciple of Christ that seeks to serve God in every aspect of their life.

What to Know About Crossroads Student Ministry

When We Meet

Our Student Ministry currently meets two different times throughout the week.

Sunday Mornings at 9:15 am, our 7th - 12th graders meet in the youth room for a time of studying God's word and growing together, pushing each other to be more like Christ.

Wednesday Nights at 6:00 pm, our 7th - 12th graders meet in the fellowship hall where we worship through song, studying God's word, and in fellowship with one another.

Why We Exist

Our Student Ministry exists for the purpose of working alongside parents to teach their 7th - 12th graders what it means to be a true disciple of Christ that lives a life that is sold-out for Christ.

How We Accomplish This

1) Introducing students to a personal, life-changing relationship with the God who created them. We dive into God’s Word (the Bible), share with them the life and ministry of God’s Son (Jesus), and show them what this means to their personal lives.

2) Inviting them to join other believers on the life-changing mission of following their Creator. We invite them to join a Life Group with others their age, offer exciting opportunities to serve and grow (Camps, Mission Trips & Retreat weekends), and provide a safe environment to enjoy life-changing fellowship.

3) Investing in their lives through meaningful mentorship with God-honoring adult leadership. We connect students with trained and approved adults who will take an active role in their spiritual growth.

Want to Know More/ Have Questions?

Contact Pastor Chandler by filling out the form below or calling the church office at (717)993-6382