TeamKID is an exciting weekly club for children from preschoolers through the sixth grade. The “KID” in TeamKID stands for Kids In Discipleship, and that’s the goal of this ministry. Our goal is to give boys and girls the chance to know, love and serve God. It’s a serious goal, but the journey is fun! Each club meeting involves six segments:

  1. Warm-Up – A get involved activity for all kids upon arrival. They work together by participating a group activity or game.
  2. Workout – This group study session uses fun, innovative methods to make the learning different from other times of learning at church. The workout allows kids to experience the Bible story and apply biblical truths, introducing a Bible verse, and provides prayer time.
  3. Stretching – This Bible verse memory time presents fun activities to help kids learn the Bible verse and to say it aloud from memory.
  4. Reach Out – Our missions emphasis time exposes kids to a missionary or missionary family through a short video. During this time we also will encourage kids to find ways they can live “on mission” in their homes and in their community.
  5. The Tournament – Our games and activities time reinforces the truths from the meeting utilizing non-competitive games and activities.
  6. Cool Down – At the end of each evening we will close with snacks and a recap of what was presented during the evening. This integral part of TeamKID reminds, prepares, and encourages the kids to go home and apply what they learned.

All kids have the opportunity to earn stickers each night by wearing their TeamKID t-shirt, bringing a Bible, and working through the evening on their memory verse.

The TeamKID store gives children the opportunity to “purchase” cool prizes of their choice. The amount of stickers they have earned determines how much they can purchase at the store.

The TeamKID club meets every Wednesday from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the church except during the summer. Once they’ve experienced it, your kids will beg to come back!