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Ranchito con Esperanza

When our family first came to SBC late in 1997 we met Craig and Sheila McConville and their adorable little 2 year old daughter, Marlaina. Fast forward more than 20 years and Marlaina is now a young woman who knows Jesus and seeks to live for Him. In fact, she and her fiance, Nathan Law, are interested in giving their lives to full time missionary work. This summer they and a friend have a wonderful opportunity to serve at “a non-profit orphanage in Jalisco, Mexico dedicated to the 24/7 care and protection of abused, abandoned, and neglected children in Mexico. The orphanage’s goal is to raise these children with great love, building strong Christ-like character into them, to equip them to help others and be a productive part of society.”

I’m excited that God is using Marlaina (and Nathan) in this way, and I encourage you to consider how you can help and encourage them.

  1. First, pray for them as they go on this mission trip that God will use them and guide them, and even provide some clarity about their future direction.
  2. Second, consider helping them financially. The cost of the trip is basically airfare, and the total for the two of them comes to $1500. You can directly help them by contributing at or in person to Marlaina. Any extra money received above their need will be given directly to Ranchito con Esperanza.
  3. That brings me to the third thing, and that is to consider further helping Marlaina and Nathan bless this ministry by donating children’s clothes (or money for clothes). Due to logistics of getting clothes to the orphange I would suggest money, which can be given directly to Marlaina (by May 13) or through the GoFundMe link above (since excess goes to the orphanage), but if you have clothes available to donate, that helps too!

It’s a special blessing when a young adult from our church responds to the need for gospel ministry through missionary work. We look forward to hearing Marlaina and Nathan share with our church family upon their return. Stay tuned for that, and in the meantime, remember to pray for them as they depart on May 21.